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From Dr. Michael Branson,
Scottsdale, Arizona

Dear friend,

Hey, my name is Dr. Michael Branson, and I'm here today because I want to give you something that I call the "BreakThrough Knee Pain Program."

This is my framework and my course for how to eliminate knee pain.  This program has worked for countless people!

But before I give you access to the BreakThrough Knee Pain Program, I want to tell you the backstory about how it was created...

This is NOT something that I just made up one day, and hoped that it would work, this has been OVER 20 years in the making, testing and perfecting to get this program to you!

This is what happened...

More than 20 years ago, I hurt my knee so bad that I ended up having knee surgery.  I assumed that between the surgery and the Physical Therapy my knee would be FIXED, and Pain Free.

But what happened next, completely confused me.

I finished Physical Therapy, and
My knee was still not right! My knee was tight and weak and I was destined to have knee pain or worse another knee surgery if I did not find the answer to fixing my knee!

At the end of my post operative knee Physical Therapy, I still remember what happened...

I went out to go run and I could not do it. My knee was tight, weak and I was scared I was going to be in pain the rest of my life.

I asked myself a question, “why did professional athletes, who suffered knee pain or surgery have so much success after Physical Therapy and for some reason I did not?!”

So I started looking for answers!

And what happened next changed my life.

I remember the day I found the answer to my knee pain problems,

...from that day on, I solved my knee pain problems and helped countless others have pain free knees too!


As I did my research, I was amazed at the simple yet effective ways it took to correctly fix knee pain once and for all!

As I sorted through countless articles, journals, and reports...I started putting it all together and once I did, the results were like magic!

Walking without pain...

Running without pain...

Hiking without pain...


And so on, until I was pain free and worry free with all activities!

30 days is all it took to be pain free!

Once I found out the secret to solving knee pain.  I started helping others fix their knees too...

In the beginning, I saw the transformation of sad, painful clients go from disabled to able to do the activities they thought were impossible just 30 days earlier. 

After helping 10 people solve their knee pain problems, I asked myself "I wonder if this is just dumb luck?!"  Then 25...50...75 people did my program I knew I HAD something that could help people from all walks of life become pain free.

My journey to help others become pain free had begun...

I knew their were people JUST LIKE ME looking for answers to solve their joint pain problems and all it took was the right information... I started my quest to learn more,


Then then the uphill challenge really began...

"College, College and more College"

There was just one problem...

I never thought of myself as the best student, I loved to learn, I just did not see myself as a scholar of anything, but that all changed!

The foundation in helping people...

In just a few years I had attained my Bachelors, and Master's Degrees in Human Biomechanics and Physiology!

At this point I could of stopped, but I was determined to keep learning so that I could be the most well rounded healthcare provider I could be to help people from all walks of life be pain free and attain their physical goals.

Right after my masters degree, I was accepted into one of the first Doctor of Physical Therapy degree programs in the country. All this hard work had paid off and I was now going deep on how to evaluate and fix the human body.

My drive to learn earned me many opportunities.

One of my proudest moments was being one of the few in the country to be invited to do my Physical Therapy clinical education at Stanford Universities Department of Sports Medicine! This was one of the top Sports Medicine programs in the country. I could not believe it. The efficiency of solving people's pain was the number goal. I was like a sponge and could not get enough information. 
My mentor and Director of Sports Medicine took notice of my passion for resolving patient pains, and he invited me back to continue my education there the following year! 
Just this accomplishment alone would have been a crowning achievement to starts ones career...but...

...something magical happened right after my time at Stanford University...

Learning from the best hospital in the nation

I was invited to do my clinical education at John Hopkins! 

John Hopkins Medicine had been ranked as the number one hospital system in the nation for 14 straight years at that point in time. That meant I was going to learn from the best of the best.  This experience changed my ability to help others forever.

After all these opportunities and education, I felt opening my own practice was the best way to spread the information I had learned...

... And Over The Next 16 Years This  Program Has Successfully Fixed Countless Patients From All Walks Of Life Become Pain Free, And During That Time, PERFECTED What I Now Call:

"The BreakThrough Knee Pain Program"
Every time I had a new patient with knee pain, I would just plug them into the program

Every time I met someone who needed help resolving their knee pain, I would give them the program...

And I'd watch as their pains went away!
"If  you have a few minutes a day over the next 30 days, then you too can have pain free knees!"
If you have knee pain or just want a program that you KNOW will keep your knees healthy, this is the PERFECT program for you!

In the past I only taught people the "BreakThrough Knee Pain Program" at my clinic... but today I wanted to make you a VERY SPECIAL OFFER and give you the entire Knee Pain relieving program...

For Only $7.00
Yes... for about the price of happy meal, you can get access to a program that took me over 20 years to perfect... 

That after you master, it will give you the ability to move your knee pain-free and return you to the lifestyle you searched for!

YES Dr. Branson! Give Me Instant Access To The BreakThrough Knee Pain Program And Training RIGHT NOW For Just $7.00 !
  Instant Access: BreakThrough Knee Pain Program 
(Value $497)
  Instant Access: To The Pain Free Nutrition Guide Part 1 & 2
 (Value $197)
  Instant Access: Modalities To Help Make Knees Pain Free 
(Value $97)
  Instant Video Access: Self Massage For Pain Free Muscles   
(Value $97)
  Instant Video Access: Guide To Stressless Posture 
(Value $97)
Total Value: $985
Today Just $7

It Doesn't Matter How Old Your Knees Are...The BreakThrough Knee Pain Program Will Work For YOU!

In fact...

We have people in all walks of life and ages who are using this SAME PROGRAM!

People from all walks of life have used this program, like:

  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Stay at home Parents
  • Teachers
  • ​Manager's
  • ​Construction Workers
  • ​CEO's
  • Police
  • ​Fire Fighters
  • ​Coaches
  • Athletes
  • ​and many, many more!
Brian Day O'Connor Used This Same Program
7 Summit Mountaineer
"As an entrepreneur, multi-sport athlete, and mountaineer, I understand the importance of taking care of my body.

Keeping my body in tip-top shape requires not only training and well-developed exercise programs but also body part specific therapies. Over the last 15 years, I have utilized Dr. Branson's programs to maintain a pain-free body.

I highly recommend his programs to all that seek a pain-free body and lifestyle."

-Brian Day O'Connor
7 Summit Mountaineer

And, even someone you probably never thought of...

Retired, 90 Years Old, & Pain Free 
"With age has come muscle weakness and joint pain. Before starting this program I had lost the confidence in my leg and was unable walk down the street!

This program resolved my knee pain, and it has also restored my strength, balance and stamina! Not only can I walk down the street but I can walk the entire neighborhood without stopping. My confidence is back and I am so thankful."

-Mike S.
Retired Engineer
When You Get Your Copy Of The BreakThrough Knee Pain Program ($987 For Just $7.00)
You'll Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!
Bonus #1 - Pain Free Nutrition Guide
"The Two Part Guide to discover what foods cause body & joint pain"
Total Value: $197
These two guides will teach you what foods cause disabiling inflammation in the body and what foods help revive your body and make it feel great again.  Others have paid over $197 FOR THIS INFORMATION IN MY CLINIC, but you'll be getting it FREE when you order the BreakThrough Knee Pain Program today!

These guides will help you to know exactly how to create a pain free body that help people to move and live a pain free life!  This will help teach you how to alleviate pain associated with foods that you never even thought about.  
Get This For FREE When You Order 'The BreakThrough Knee Pain Program' Today! 
Bonus #2 - Pain Free Modalities
"Remedies That Can Decrease Pain"
Total Value: $97
Part of the "BreakThrough Knee Pain" training, you will be learning how to alleviate pain through exercise, nutrition and using over the counter modalities.  Many people have not been shown how to do a comprehensive pain free relieving program like this, and do not know the impact it can have on having pain free joints.

This guide will help supplement the BreakThrough Knee Pain Program, and help you alleviate joint pain effortlessly!

You'll also get this training on "Remedies That Can Resolve Knee Pain" for FREE when you sign up today!
Get This For FREE When You Order 'The BreakThrough Knee Pain Program' Today! 
Bonus #3 - Self Massage For Pain Free Muscles
"Get Access To My Self Massage Secrets"
Total Value: $97
Part of the secret to a pain free body is learning how to have pain free muscles!  

In clinic, I work on getting the muscle prepared for action and feeling great.  You can too, by learning these self massage techniques to getting pain free muscles.  

I'll take you through my guide, showing you how to self massage your whole leg!

I'll Explain in detail:
  • How to self massage
  • Where to massage
  • And all the tools you will need to do a self massage
Get This For FREE When You Order 'The BreakThrough Knee Pain Program' Today! 
Bonus #4 - Stressless Posture
"Stressless Posture Training"
Total Value: $97
Did you know that bad posture can cause pain?  Bad posture can cause joint pain and you can learn how to prevent it!

In this guide I'll take you through my posture training, showing you how to train yourself to get into the right posture for a pain free body.  This training will help you to get you into a position that puts less stress on your joints to improve movement to live a full and active life. 
Get This For FREE When You Order 'The BreakThrough Knee Pain Program' Today! 
There Is NO CATCH!
I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool for free, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month.

This isn't one of them.

There's NO hidden "continuity or membership program" - and in case you're wondering why I'm doing this...

Well, there are actually a few reasons...

It's my way of saying thank you for being a dedicated subscriber.

Because (unlike other "guru's") I don't make all of my money teaching others how to solve their pain online (I actually run real businesses  such as a physical therapy clinic, human performance center, consulting service and more) because of that, it doesn't hurt me to share with you my best stuff.
Time Is Of The Essence...
This is a LIMITED OFFER at this price.
This can go up in price at any time, especially if we decide to sell this as a full course (which is what I’ve done with other digital offers in the past).

Because of what you’re getting, we’re expecting a flood of orders.

Here Is My "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee
I 100% guarantee that you'll love this product, or I'll return your $7.

If you don’t feel that the BreakThrough Knee Pain Program is worth 10 times what you invested, drop me an email within 30 days of getting the program and training and I’ll refund your $7. No questions asked. Fair enough?


You Must Act Fast!
Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get today When You Order My BreakThrough Knee Pain Program.
You Could Get The Script That Has Made Me More Money Than Anything Else I've Ever Done In This Business.
YES Dr. Branson! Give Me Instant Access To The BreakThrough Knee Pain Program And Training RIGHT NOW For Just $7.00 !
  Instant Access: BreakThrough Knee Pain Training Program 
(Value $497)
  Full Access To The Pain Free Nutrition Guides Part 1 and 2
(Value $197)
  Instant Access Guide to Pain Free Modalities 
(Value $97)
  Instant Access to the Pain Free Self Massage Guide  
(Value $97)
  Guide To Stressless Posture 
(Value $97)
Total Value: $985
Today Just $7

This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your Copy Now Before They're All Gone...

Okay.  With that said, I hope you enoy this program.  I hope you use it.

I want to get this into your hands because I know you this can transform your body forever.

Thanks again,
Dr. Michael Branson
P.S. Did you skip the bottom of the page to see what the deal was? 

You get my BreakThrough Knee Pain Program and Training (instant download), that is the SAME program and training I provide to all my personal clients and patients!  I spent over 20 years perfecting this program, and you can access this program right now! 

I also show you step by step how to alleviate joint and body pain using comprehensive self treatments for the body.  You will have access to the comprehensive program and the training instantly.
And it's only $7.  That's it.

Just click the button below right now to get started!

YES Dr. Branson! Give Me Instant Access To The 'BreakThrough Knee Pain Program' RIGHT NOW For Just $7.00 !
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Everything Your Going To Get
  • Instant Access To The BreakThrough Knee Pain Program (Value $497)
  • Full Access To The Pain Free Nutrition Guides Part 1 and 2 (Value $197)
  • Instant Access Guide to Pain Free Modalities (Value $97)
  • Instant Access to the Pain Free Self Massage Guide  (Value $97)
  • Guide To Stressless Posture (Value $97)
Total Value: $985
Today Just $7

ONE TIME OFFER - Only $27: Want the Extended Video Edition with the self massage and posture videos too? It’s proven to work and easy to follow. All you have to do is watch and follow the step-by-step instructions on how to solve your knee pain. Click YES to add this to your order now for just a single payment of $27! (This offer is not available at ANY other time or place)

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